Laser Teeth Whitening

With today's lifestyle there are so many things that can stain your beautiful teeth and dampen your stunning smile, but why should you sacrifice the things you love? Well now you don't have to! You don’t have to turn down that glass of red wine or cup of coffee because now you can have dazzling white teeth with our laser teeth whitening service.

What is laser teeth whitening?

Calling it laser teeth whitening is a little more dramatic than perhaps this service deserves. We're not going to fire a laser at you! What we are going to do is provide a simple and effective service, which involves coating your teeth with a whitening gel and then shining a very bright light at them to speed up the process. It's just like getting your gel nails done, not at all painful!

Our laser teeth whitening service costs £99 for a one hour treatment, which is run over three 20 minute sessions.  If two people book our hour long teeth whitening treatment, and come together, the cost is just £170. A top up treatment costs £35 for one 20 minute session or £65 for a 40 minute treatment run over two 20 minute sessions. Still a bit unsure? Why don't you read our blog post that tells you everything you need to know about laser teeth whitening and the service we offer?

Cost £99 for 1 hour treatment = 3 x 20 minute treatments

Book 2 people and come together £170.00

Touch up appointment suggested every 3-6 months

Top up appointment £35.00 = for 1 x 20 minute or £65.00 for 40 minute treatment

Teeth whitening aftercare pen for maintenance available for £20

(Non peroxide gel used, although Peroxide gel available on request)