What is laser teeth whitening?


What is laser teeth whitening?

November 22, 2014
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Do you smile with your mouth closed? Stop that immediately! There’s no longer any need to worry about stained teeth because Kalos beauty is offering a fantastic laser teeth whitening service to Clevedon and beyond. A bit unsure about what this service actually entails? Nervous it may hurt of damage your teeth? Don’t worry, as we’ve got all the answer for you….

So what is it?

Essentially laser teeth whitening involves a whitening gel which is applied to your teeth. We then then project a very bright light across the area, which speeds up the process of turning your teeth back into pearly whites.

Does laser teeth whitening hurt?

Not at all, this isn’t your regular trip to the hygienist. No teeth scraping, no pain.

Will laser teeth whitening damage my teeth.?

No, the method we use is completely harmless to your teeth, however they do have to be healthy in order for us to carry out the treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on the current condition of your teeth and how white you want them, but the best option is to give us a call to arrange a consultation.

Is the effect permanent?

Unfortunately not, so if you continue to regularly consume the things that stain your teeth such as excessive amount of coffee red wine or cigarettes, your teeth could end up stained again. However, there are ways you can reduce staining and we’ll talk through this with you in our sessions.

Why should I choose Kalos Beaty?

There are many at home whitening kits but if you want really great results it’s important to see a professional. We can help you achieve the result you want faster with ****** needs the end here******