SHR Laser Hair Removal

Right ladies, it’s time we all own up to something. We’ve got some hair that we don’t want there! We’ve been plucking, pulling, bleaching, waxing and threading for years and we’ve had enough of it! It’s painful, time consuming and the hair regrows! And men, don’t think we’ve found the secret to hair removal and we’re keeping it to ourselves. We have a solution to remove unwanted hair from your chest, back, neck or anywhere else you don’t want it.

SHR, or super hair removal, uses a laser to remove hair safely and painlessly. You’ll need a few sessions but we can remove hair from your bikini line, legs, under arms, arms and face. Still a bit unsure? Read our blog post that covers any questions you might have about laser hair removal.

SHR Hair Removal Price List

Consultation and skin patch test £25.00

Aloe Vera is on sale for £6.00 for use after laser treatments

SHR Course of 6 treatments for the price of 5 * Single treatment
Arm (upper) £245.00 £49.00
Arm (lower) £245.00 £49.00
Arm (full) £445.00 £89.00
Back and Shoulders £875.00 £175.00
Bikini Line £245.00 £49.00
Bikini Line- Extended £495.00 £99.00
Chin £175.00 £35.00
Chin and Lip £300.00 £60.00
Chest £750.00 £150.00
Chest and Abdomen £875.00 £175.00
Face (sides) £250.00 £50.00
Full Beard and Neck £625.00 £125.00
Gents Full Beard £495.00 £99.00
Hands £245.00 £49.00
Lip £175.00 £35.00
Leg (lower) £245.00 £49.00
Leg (upper) 245.00 £49.00
Leg (full) £445.00 £89.00
Underarms £175.00 £35.00

* 6 treatments for the price of 5 to be used within 6 months